Here are some pictures from the 1st grade D.E.A.R on Friday, yes it was also PJ day and 1/2 day!!!!  I am so proud of my First grade readers. We took a break and I read to them the book A Soup Opera by Jim Gill. After that we listened to the book on tape and the kids were acting out the parts. It was such a good way to end the long week.

Happy 100 day!!!

Valentines day/ Mrs. Engelhardt's Birthday

Wow!!!!  my co-workers and students know how to make a person feel loved. Today when I walked into my classroom at 7:20am I was surprised at how it was transformed. As I walked around the room reading the 40  heart messages that were posted around I began to cry. There were messages from current students, former students and co-workers. I have said it again and I'll say it again, There is something different about Bethlehem. We finished the day with our class Valentines party where we had brownie sundaes, played bingo and I opened my gifts. Thank you to all who were a part of my special day.

First grade also did the bulletin board for February


This is an annual event that celebrates literacy all over the world. 1st grade met up with their 7th grade chapel buddies in the library. The 7th graders read a picture book to the 1st graders. Next both classes heard a sampling of several different languages reading Three Billy Goats Gruff. These included Mrs. Luera our Spanish teacher reading in Spanish and Pastor Korte reading in German. We finished in the library by acting out the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Paul Galdone read in English by our Librarian Mrs. Brandt.
Thank you Mrs. Brand for planning all these great activities..

We left the library and went to the 7th grade room and it was the 1st graders turn to read their book.

Dr. Martin Luther King experiment

In class we read and talked about Dr. Martin Luther King and his dream. We found out why we celebrate him every year. We followed up our reading and discussion with an observation experiment. We compared the outside of a white and brown egg. Then we cracked them both open and observed that they looked the same inside!

30 day challenge

Happy New year!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their long break. My family and I were out of town for most of it and on our way back from vacation as we were listening to K-Love. I had a flashback to about 5 years ago, that was when I took the 30 day challenge from K-Love. The 30 day K-Love challenge is to listen to Christian music for 30 days. When I took this challenge I was not sure I could do it for 30 days but it was one of the easiest things I have done. I found myself connecting to the songs and to God. It was like the words were my words! I also liked what I heard coming from the backseat, my two girls singing along. I didn't have to worry about any of the words they were hearing because I knew that they were all words of praise. I would like to challenge you to take this 30 day challenge and if you do I would love to hear about it. I listen to K-Love the most which is 89.1 or  there is also Air1 which is 90.1

God's Blessings on this new year

Twas the week before CHRISTmas break......

The week before CHRISTmas break was full of fun. I only have pictures from Monday when we had Polar Express day with the Kindergarten class. Thank you Mrs. Wilson for all you did and for the pictures and Pastor Buckhahn for reading the story. Wednesday the students did an amazing job singing at the CHRISTmas program. Thursday the students put their bowling skills into action with a field trip to Stardust, thank you Mrs. Duclos!!!! When we returned we had a surprise waiting for us...our candy grams were delivered.  Friday we started the 1/2 day with chapel where the 1st graders presented on Love and did so well telling about their pictures. Next up was craft day followed with cookie decorating with our 7th grade chapel buddies. We ended the day back in our own classroom playing CHRISTmas bingo. Whewwwwww!!!!!!! With that said I hope everyone enjoys their time off and I can't wait to see everyone in 2019 :)